Workshop on mediation and conflict resolution for islamic religiuos leader

Semarang: MUI Jateng. On the 26 July 2007 Gunaryo was invited to a workshop that was organized by the Indonesian Ulama Council in Semarang (MUI). The workshop was run in the Central Java Great Mosque. The workshop that was attended by no less than 75 young Islamic religious leaders who are representative of 39 disctrics in Central Java. In the two day workshop Gunaryo presented paper on, as requested by the committee, Ulama, Conflict Management, and the Role of Mediation in Conflict Resolution.

Gunaryo started his presentation by stating that conflict is inseparable part of life. God, Gunaryo said, creates everything in pairs. If there is male, there must be female. If`there is heaven, there is also hell. Good and bad, low and high, and so on. Harmony and peace can only exist when there is conflict. Therefore, Gunaryo argued, conflict is undeniable. It has supernatural foundation. In his presentation Gunaryo also highlighted the importance of ulama to have skill in conflict mediation, bearing in mind that they are informal leaders who have great influence on community life.

As part of his presentation, Gunaryo explained mediation and its principles. He also showed to the participants the advantage of using mediation instead of litigation in resolving conflicts. At the end of presentation, he emphasized dialog as a way of eliminating (possible) religious conflicts. It is in this position that ulama has great importance.

Along with other papers, his paper on this topic has been published in MUI magazine. See attachment

Another workshop in which Gunaryo was invited as a resource person was on litigation and conflict resolution in Mataram. The workshop was organized by the faculty of law of IAIN Mataram and attended by students who are approaching the completion of their study. The committee reported that the purpose of this workshop is to equip students with additional practical skills in litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

The two day workshop was attended by 35 participants. It was opened officially by the dean of the faculty of law. In his speech, he said that mediation is to be taught in the next coming years.

The workshop was divided into two parts. Litigation was taught on the first day. Mediation techniques were given on the second day. Mr. Gunaryo was responsible for the second. In his presentation Gunaryo’s emphasis was on  understanding conflicts, negotiation techniques, theories of mediation, and practices of mediation.  At the end he run a view simulations on how to practice mediation.

From what the participants said in evaluation session in the afternoon, we have the impression that the workshop was very productive. Some of them expressed their will that they would like to practice mediation instead of litigation in the future. They said that mediation is new to them, therefore, as they admitted, becoming mediator would requires an extra effort. At the end, the participants made some recommendations that mediation becomes an optional subject and taught at the faculty of law.
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