Workshop on Curriculum Development at Religion and Peace

In order to give the support for Ushuluddin Faculty in setting up Religion and Conflict Resolution Study Program, WMC facilitated some activities such as Comparative Study/ Learning from other University and institution : Center for Conflict Resolution Studies (CRCS) Gajah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta  and IPD (Institute for Peace and Democracy) Udayana University Bali which have been followed by Workshop on Curriculum Development on 20-21st May 2009 in Wisma Telkom Bandungan Semarang.

This workshop aims to give some conceptual input   in setting up  the new study program “Religion and Conflict Resolution” related to the curriculum design especially the subjects and short description of  subjects on the field of peace studies.

The workshop designed into two part: Plenary session ( presentations by expert on Curriculum Design: Prof. Dr. Ibnu Hadjar M.Ed. and expert on Peace Studies: Prof. Dr. Ahmad Gunaryo, M.SocSc.) and group session (discussing grand design of setting up Religion and Conflict Resolution Study Program, and curriculum design for the Study Program and short description of each its subject).

20 participants involved in the workshop. They came on behalf of  IAIN management (Prof. Muhibbin, M.Ag. / vice rector in academic affairs), Ushuluddin Faculty management (DR. Abdul Muhayya/the dean, Drs. Nasikhun Amin, M.Ag./vice dean I, Drs. Adnan, M.Ag./vice dean II, DR. Yusuf  Suyono, MA./vice dean III and the representatives of all study programs in Ushuluddin Faculty), and on behalf of WMC (Prof. Dr. Jamaluddin Darwis, MA and Drs. Musahadi, M.Ag. / teaching department, and those who have been graduated from EPU Austria).

The result of the workshop was Academic document of the establishment of Religion and Conflict Resolution Study Program of Ushuluddin Faculty and final draft of curriculum design of the study program and short description of each subject, especially for the subjects on the field of peace studies.
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