Training of Professional Mediators for Associate Members

In order to prepare the associates (CCRPS of IAIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh, CAIREU of STAIN Pontianak, and MMC of IAIN Mataram) in providing mediation service as one of their main products, each of them needs to add the number of mediator.  Training on mediation undertaken in the Netherlands in the previous year (2007 and 2008) only produced 4 mediator for each associates. This number is not yet enough for anticipating the need on mediation service in their regions.

Besides, to address the issue of sustainability of each centers or associates in the future, they need to strengthen the quantity and quality of their human resources. Therefore, based on the training need assessment, WMC provide training on mediation for the members of the associates. The aims of the training is to produce professional mediators.

The training was undertaken separetly in each asociate and in different time. The training on mediation for MMC of IAIN mataram was carried out on 17-21 November 2009. While training for CAIREU of STAIN Pontianak and CCRPS of IAIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh were carried out from 17 to 20 December 2009 and from 22 to 25 December 2009. The material given and tained to the participants consist of understanding conflict, Conflicts in Indonesia and their settlements, conflict analyse, theory and practice of negotiation, theory of mediation, qualification of mediators, mediation practices, and co-mediation.
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